The Patio’s History

Patio del Posadero was born from the bond between two persons who, far from their birthplace, have found in the city of Cordoba the perfect fusion of tranquility and balance of a tailor-made environment make a dream come true: to enable everyone to enjoy the emotions, sensations and perceptions they themselves enjoyed every day in this wonderful city known as the city of three cultures.

Patio del Posadero is an original 15th-century Cordoba home with patio, formerly a multi-family home, including a laboratory of handmade bullfighter capes and silversmith workshops, traditional activities in the city of Cordoba.

Given its location in Calleja del Posadero (Innkeepers’ Lane), it was probably a real inn when the nearby Guadalquivir River was still navigable, with travelers passing through the area.

For some years it participated with the name of “Patio Mucho Trigo 21” in the Cordovan Patio contest, which is considered “World Heritage” since 2012. Patio del Posadero has been restored and refurbished due to the bad conditions it was in when it was acquired, maintaining and enhancing the wonderful archaeological finds and respecting the authentic features of the Cordovan old town patios. Nowadays it is considered one of the most distinguished bed and breakfasts of the city and one of the best valued nationally.

Why should I choose Patio del Posadero?

Because we believe in our haven of peace and tranquility, where you’ll find the perfect way to disconnect in order to later reconnect..

Because we believe in a time without time, where you can slowly enjoy little pleasures, like drinking a delicious coffee whilst you enjoy the sun on our terrace, reading a book, listening to the sound of the water from our fountain or talking, in the patio, smelling the perfume of all types of flowers and plants, with the interesting people you will come across during your stay at Patio del Posadero.

Because we want you to experience our city, to feel it, to get excited about it.

Because Cordoba is not only the Mosque, it is much more:


It is narrow streets.


It is the white houses that hide treasures of flowers and plants inside.


It is the powerful Andalusian horses.


It is fragrant wines produced in Moriles and Montilla.


It is cured meats and ham from los Pedroches Valley.


It is the nature of the green mountains nearby.


It is people, happy and alive.


It is peace and the freshness of the patios ...

Cordoba is unique and at Patio del Posadero, we want to give you the possibility to enjoy as part of a complete and total experience.

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